USA Rugby Learning and Qualification Management

Online Learning Management and Coaching & Training Courses.


Coaching and Training Course Management

Event Administrator/Learning coordinator can set dates, times, venue, numbers, status, requirements, credentials, qualifications and more (maximum flexibility).
Tutors can be assigned to training events.
Course content can be uploaded for public or ‘logged in’ participants to view.
Attendance records can be recorded by Tutor.
Coaching / training events can be made available to public or ‘restricted’ to registered/prioritized members/participants.
Certification can be awarded for attendance or for passing of exams.
Accreditation can be attached to attendee / member based on different criteria e.g. Attendance at training events, passing of exams etc.
Attach accreditation to attendee (expiration dates can be attached to accreditation).
Email Notifications to members and administrators informing them of lapsing accreditation.
Restrictions on who can attend training events – e.g. Member must be qualified to level X before they can attend to Level Y event etc.
Caters for Wait Lists
Accept payments to attend events.

Credentials and Qualifications

SportLoMo have created additional innovative methods for your members, participants and coaches to track their qualifications and professional development.
Offers members the ability to sign up and pay for training courses within the Sportlomo system.
Set parameters around what membership category can sign up to which courses.
Create courses and specify what rewards the member achieves after passing the course.
Allow members to review what qualifications they have gained, what credentials are required to go to the next level and when the next courses are scheduled.
Allow only certified members to take advanced courses.
Allow members to upload their own credentials to the system and administrators can approve these credentials.
Create/set-up tutors who can track and can assign results to their members.
Set ‘Wait lists’ for oversubscribed courses and offer priority sign up to specified members.

Child Protection, Safeguarding & SafeSport

Tracking certification and qualifications required by adults who wish to work with children e.g. Safe Sport certification, background checks, criminal record checks and other qualifications, is managed through our Learning Management module. Members can upload required documents that demonstrate they are compliant and have completed the training and certification required to work with children and vulnerable people.

Club administrators and administrators from regional / national governing bodies can view, report on and manage people’s certifications. Multiple automatic emails reminders can be configured to notify members in advance of certification expiring and reminding people that they are required to renew their certification. This makes it easy for administrators to verify that they are compliant and using best practice to ensure only appropriately certified people are working with youths and vulnerable people in their sport.

Pricing: SRO / GU / Affiliates

Run all your Learning Management administration and Safeguarding on the one system while paying no setup or annual fees.  SportLoMo modules are brought to you by USA Rugby.

SRO / GU / Affiliates have full autonomy and control over their fees/data/lists/members.

No annual license fee.
Free set-up.
Learning Management and Child Protection, SafeSport modules are free of charge.
Membership and Events module are free (just pay transaction fee on a payment).
All system updates are free.


Sportlomo is hosted by Amazon Web Services in the EU since 2014.  The EU has strict and robust requirements and standards for data protection, security, and compliance. The sportlomo infrastructure is hosted in ISO 9000 compliant data center in Europe (Germany and Ireland).  Data is not stored in the USA.