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Member Registration and Events


Members can register to their Teams / Clubs / Union / Affiliate / SRO and USA Rugby all in the one step – no need for multiple registrations (see ‘Split Payment’ below).
Monies collected are deposited directly into each organization’s bank account (simultaneously).
If you use SportLoMo for your membership management you will not need to update two membership databases.
All levels of the organization can set their own fees and manage their own membership.
You can choose to add your own additional fields to your registration form i.e. Underage / Family / Social etc.
Add additional membership types if you wish – no hold-up waiting for your parent sport to do this.


When an individual makes a registration payment, their fee is split into multiple amounts and monies are deposited directly to the account of the SRO, Union, Affiliate, Club and USA Rugby – all in one transaction on credit card. You set your portion of the fee.  Up to 4 splits can be facilitated.

Membership Video Overview – 13 mins

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Membership Features

Muti-lingual, multi-currency, no software to install.

SportLoMo platform is multi-lingual for the admin user and the front-end can be configured for this for general users. The platform is accessed via any internet enabled device.

Members or participants can register and pay fees on their cell phone.

Mobile friendly/responsive pages, designed with ‘Mobile First’ in mind. Your members and participants can register and pay fees on their cell phone, tablet, PC etc.

Transparent fees, no hidden extras

Transparent Fees, Payment using Stripe (Online Payment Facilitator), PaySafe or Barclays.

The processing fee includes all credit card fees, bank, transaction fees and tax etc where applicable.

You decide who pays the processing fee. For example the rugby organization can pay the transaction fee OR the fee is paid by member/participant as they register.

With USA Rugby, a member pays the National Governing body, SRO, GU, Affiliate (whomever is relevant) all in the one transaction (split payment).

Secure payments - You have full control over your own funds and reporting.

Funds go direct to your bank account. No funds other than the transaction fees (less card fees) are passed to SportLoMo. No delay or waiting period. Monies go directly to each layer of the organization (no invoicing or awaiting payments).

Setting up a Pay Safe (Netbanx) account can be done easily from within Sportlomo. Paysafe (Netbanx) is fully integrated with SportLoMo.

Bank Account / Credit Card details are not disclosed to Rugby Organizations or SportLoMo.

No financial information (bank details, credit card information etc) is visible to SportLomo. Neither Clubs nor Sportlomo see bank accounts/bank details of members.

Automated Receipts. Payment receipts are sent out automatically.

Payment receipts are sent out by email automatically on purchase of membership. The administrator has full visibility in realtime of any membership requests or purchases. Admin’s can choose to have an approval process switched on before accepting a new member.

Accept Cash, Cheque and Debit Card

Members/Participants who pay by cash /cheque /debit can be directly inputted to the system by administrators. SportLoMo will record the user name issuing the refund, method of payment, the date and time. Clear distinction between Online payments and Cash payments in reports.

Handles Manual Payments, Refunds, Special Offers & Early Birds

Make refunds easily, with full traceability / audit trail.

Offer Discounts, Early Bird Offers & Incentives.

Create a discount code that can be used as a one-off code, or can be used a specific number of times.

The discount can be a % of the membership fee or it can be a fixed amount. i.e. money off or 15% off.

Discounts are tracked and recorded against the membership it was used to purchase.

Add your own Membership Types/Bundles, Run an Approval Proccess before accepting a member.

Add your own Membership Types / Create Membership Bundles / Set your own fees. SportLoMo assists in initial set up. But at anytime you can add additional membership types (Adult / Underage / Family / Social Member etc).

Set and edit club fees. Set ‘From’ and ‘To’ date – when Membership will close automatically.

Add custom fields to a registration form. Specify what data is required from members (Set DOB as a required field for underage players, but it may be optional for Adult players (Rugby Organization decides!).

Run an ‘Approval Process’ before accepting members.  Option for administrators to review online payments and approve members / or decline membership.

Ex-pats / overseas members can purchase membership, make donations and support fundraisers online.

Take donations.  Extra funds can be generated by allowing overseas / expat members / fans to purchase membership and support your organization from abroad. Fees can be accepted in different currencies.

Manage dual membership and upgrades.

Members can….

be an active member in more than one club. e.g. members can coach in one club but play with another. There is an approval process in place from the Club and parent sport before confirming dual membership.
purchase a temporary membership or upgrade a membership to a premium package.
select the ‘Upgrade’ feature, allowing a member to upgrade. The system will automatically calculate and charge the differential between the original fee paid and the new membership fee. This is recorded against the member’s account.

Email and Text Notifications Module

Administrators can send email notifications to their membership database. Send individual notifications or send in bulk to a distribution list.

Filter your members by club | member type | age | status (active / inactive / lapsed / Awaiting payment etc).
All the filters currently available when searching for members are also available in email notifications.

Management Reports, Import / export members and participants.

A wide selection of reports are available. Reports can be filtered and exported to MS Excel or CSV files.

SportLoMo checks for potential duplicates. Then gives you the option to merge, delete, amend duplicate persons/family members.

Allows easy update of new information for existing members (Change of email / Telephone / Address etc.)

Your membership is up-to-date with USA Rugby while you continue to hold significant autonomy.  You do not have to update two membership databases.

Offer Discount Coupons

Offer members and participants discount vouchers on membership and events. A set fee reduction i.e. money off or a percentage fee reduction 10% off etc.

Events and Team Registration

Makes your events and fundraisers as accessible as possible by offering all your events online; participants can register and pay for events 24/7 using their cell phone, tablet and pc.
Safely and securely offer training courses, sevens tournaments, camps, academies, tickets, fundraisers online; sell to the general public or specifically to a group within your membership.
Allow teams to register and pay entry online to competitions.
Also offer tournament registration and team registration.
Clubs / Teams can renew their affiliation online and pay all dues at the start of the season.

Vivian Lee Rugby Canada Testimonial

Events Overview Video – 9 mins

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Event Features

Multi-lingual Platform

English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin.  New languages are added regularly.

Take Event and Team Registration fees online

Fees are transparent – no hidden fees.
Participant’s credit card and bank details go directly to our Web and Mobile Payment Provider (Pay Safe (Netbanx) in the USA) – no bank/card details are seen by Sportlomo or our rugby organizations.
Set your own pricing.
Take fees in installments/recurring payments.
Apply discount codes to event purchases (i.e.  $20 off, 15% reduction etc).
Subscribers/entrants can register and pay on their cell, tablet and desktop.
A breakdown of all fees is displayed to the purchaser.

Flexible Setup

Highly configurable (flexible) platform….run your own events easily.  We will setup you up and have you up-and-running in 24 hours.

  • Events may be grouped and purchasers can filter on event type, name, or group when purchasing.
  • Control the date an event is available for sale (from date – to date).
  • Set maximum number of items available for sale. (i.e. 200 tickets).
  • Set a maximum number of items that may be purchased by an individual. (i.e. 4 tickets per person).
  • Attach an image (picture) to represent each event.
  • Attach multiple documents to an event.
  • And loads more…..

Team Registration

Team Registration

Team Captains / Managers can register their team for competitions, sevens and events. The Team Captain can enter the basic / minimum information about each player, First name, Surname and eMail address.  SportLoMo will then automatically notify the player they have been added to the team and each player will be able to log in and complete any additional / more detailed information required.

This reduces work for the team captain/manager and increases the accuracy of the information collected from each player – no more guessing DOB or other important information.

Combine Team Registration with Membership

When an individual enters a competition /sevens / event, an administrator has the option to automatically include registration to a membership category as part of entering the competition.  This will allow entrants to competitions to be automatically enrolled as a member of the association running the event.  This is sometimes used by administrators to ensure entrants to competitions are covered by insurance, and to give the administrator the ability to search for these entrants in their member Database.

Club Registration / Affiliation

For organizations who require clubs to pay an affiliation fee at the start of each season, administrators can now accept these registration fees at the start of the season.  Returning clubs will be able to access their club account and renew their registration or new clubs can create a new account and register for the first time with a sport.

The administrator has the ability to set the date after which the affiliation expires (usually the end of the season).  This removes all links from the administration portal, and they cannot access functionality until they renew their affiliation to the sport.

Wait Lists (waiting lists)

In addition to setting the number of teams that are eligible to enter into a competition, or the number of people that can attend an event, administrators can also make provision to allow individuals to join a “Wait list”.  In the event that someone cancels their booking, the administrator can quickly select a member from the “Wait list”. This person will be automatically notified that the event is now available for purchase.  When the user logs in, they select the event and process the payment to be added to the event.

The events portal is also integrated with public websites allowing you to control which events are visible on your site and allowing the user to search and select an event and be brought straight to their basket.

Priority Lists, Restrict Events, Apply Discount Codes.

You can make the event available to a defined list of people before it becomes available for sale to the general public.

Restrict events to the general public, affiliates, clubs etc.  You chose what works best for each event.

Apply discount codes to event purchases (i.e.  $20 off, 15% reduction etc).


The Events Registration module is free of charge to all levels of USA Rugby Organizations (SRO, GU, Affiliate, Clubs).

No Annual License fee  (just pay transaction processing fee).

Free set-up.

All system updates are free.

Participants / Registering Members pay a small Transaction Processing Fee

Your organization can opt to pay the payment processing transaction fee or pass it on to the individual member/participant who is registering.

All fees are fully transparent there are no hidden extras. Contact us for more information.


Sportlomo is hosted by Amazon Web Services in the EU since 2014.  The EU has strict and robust requirements and standards for data protection, security, and compliance. The sportlomo infrastructure is hosted in ISO 9000 compliant data center in Europe (Germany and Ireland).  Data is not stored in the USA.